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Boost your techs’ safety with ShureStep®


Are your techs still using plastic crates or a 5-gallon bucket? Keep your techs safe and healthy!

  • Built-in grip on the top of the step, large rubber feet on the bottom of the step and load rated for 500 pounds.
  • Designed by an auto mechanic who wanted the toughest, safest step stool to work from. You know it’s going to be durable! And it comes with a lifetime warranty!
  • Available in black or safety yellow. The black hides the grime, the yellow are easy to find.
  • Buy a Shure-Step® today and keep your techs safe and happy!

100 Years of Safety, Speed and Security from Overhead Doors!


The Overhead Door™ brand has been servicing customers needs for over 100 years, and we pride ourselves with having a wide variety of commercial applications for every situation. When it comes to the Auto industry, the RapidShield® 998 and RapidView® 999 are optimal solutions to provide a sleek design while offering security and practicality for your business. The RapidShield® 998 is used for facilities requiring clean looks, high speed, and security. The RapidView® 999 is used for facilities requiring clean looks needing visibility, high speed, and security. Both doors come complete with a structural aluminum pre-assembled-curtain and steel header structure, monitored reversing edge, and light curtain. Other features for both doors include:

  • Structural Aluminum Slats with Anodized Powder coat finish.
  • Operates at up to 80 inches per second.
  • Built with safety in mind with a monitored edge and light curtain.
  • Springless Design offers minimal interruption and maintenance.
  • Industry leading Five-year warranty.

777-998 RapidShield® 998
(with SeyWave wireless hub for more flexibility)

777-999 RapidView® 999
(wind Load tested)


Charge Up to 10 Batteries at a Time!


  • Safe for all battery types including Flooded, AGM or Gel.
  • Will never over charge batteries.
  • Fully Automatic Operation.
  • Use with Bus Bars 6075, 6075CB or 6086 Charging Rack.

The Latest in Refrigerant Leak Detection


Premium Refrigerant Leak Detector

  • Compatible with most commonly used refrigerants today, including R-134a and 1234yf
  • Equipped with a stable, long life sensor that will last up to 10 years
  • Meets all of the current industry leak detector standards