Search Tips

To perform a simple search, type one or more words, or a part number in the Search box on the top-right of the page and click Go. Search returns a list of products that contains your search criteria.

This site does a full text search, searching through all fields to provide the most complete search results. The most relevant search results appear at the top of your results.

Fields include:

  1. Part Number/Product ID
  2. Tool Name
  3. Tool Description

Additional Tips:

  1. Search just the numeric portion of tool part numbers to minimize typographical or formatting errors.
  2. The numeric portion of the part number is always unique even without the "J-" or "B-" prefix.
  3. If you search only the 5-digit portion of the part number all components with that part number will also appear. I.e. Searching "48817", rather than the full part number J-48817-B, will return all components of that kit as well.
  4. Use words or phrases. If you are unsure how to spell the search term use partial words to ensure the widest search results.